A Trip to a Vineyard

I haven’t been a wine blogger for so long, but I’ve been able to get some readers along with some attention from a few wine producers; one even invited me to a vineyard last month. I have to tell you, for a guy who just started doing this for fun; this made me feel like an actual wine expert. We went around, spoke with the growers, about grape varieties, and they were genuinely interested in my thoughts and opinions. Unfortunately, this made it a bit hard for me to ask a bit more novice questions, pride and shyness are my weakness.

Pesticides are needed when it comes to farming; you’d tend to lose more of your produce if you don’t. Though I wasn’t able to ask them about it; a quick call to the best Pest Control Layton Company assured me that any particles found in wine are not enough to cause any harm. That question was something I wanted to ask during my trip, but I feared that it would make it seem like I was less of a wine expert than they thought me to be. By all means, I am, and I should have asked, as asking and learning is the only remedy to my lack of knowledge.

Other than that little problem of mine, I had a splendid time at the vineyard and will be posting a full article about it along with the name of the producer and vineyard. Look forward to it as there are many interesting things I learned during my trip.