Exploring The New Wine Packaging Trend

My circuit breaker broke for the nth time again. I do not know if the electricity set up at home is capable of sabotaging my plans, but the circuit always breaks when I have made plans to invite friends over to talk about the latest wine trends. You know, we like to talk about things over wine. We only have the chance to do it on weekends but then, this electrical problem again.

My husband could fix broken circuit breaker, but I believe it was high time that the professionals take a look at it. There was no other electrician in our mind except for Electrician Atlanta. Our friends recommended them way before, but we always had an excuse not to. Finally, we decided to have our house checked. The electricians came to our house and fixed the problem. They noted some outlets at home that cause short circuits. We are grateful that we called them because we are very close to having a fire. They worked so fast that we did not need to cancel our gathering at home.

My wine lover friends came over, and we are excited to try one of the wine trends, and that is canned wines.

Wine In A Can

Canned Beers, canned soft drinks, canned juices and now wines! It is all about convenience. Wine connoisseurs may have the trouble appreciating the wines, but a lot of people will finally gain access to wines. The serving size is just enough for one person and the no fuzz way of having it allows people to have it on the go.

We found the experience weird because we are used to having our wines from the bottles. We love the pop of cork, the swirling and smelling ceremony that goes with wine drinking. But we realized that it is the weekend, so we have the luxury to enjoy our wines. Now, we understand that the convenience of canned wines might just work for the crazy weekdays.

There are other wine trends that we noticed. Let us share our insights with you.

Sparkling Wines

Fizz is good. Many people turn to carbonated drinks for that fizzy feel while drinking. But what if we tell you that sparkling wines are slowly taking over. We know that the sparkles are reserved for special occasions, but not anymore. People are already enjoying sparkling wines on a daily basis.

If that is not good news for you, then I do not know anymore. I prefer the classic red wine, but sometimes the sparkling wine can do me wonders as an aperitif. But don’t be surprised, they are canned sparkling wines, too!

Wine In A Box

Now, this is something. I am yet to find a boxed wine, but I will surely share with you once I have a try. I am excited to know the difference in taste when a bottle, can, or paper is used as wine containers. Can’t wait!

I have two thoughts going on in my mind about the trends. I am just hoping that the convenience behind the new packaging ideas will not erase the age-old tradition of enjoying the wine. I am just worried by that because the new generation might not learn how it should be done. Not being a snub here, but wines earned that place to be enjoyed and respected. On the other hand, I do appreciate how wines are now accessible to people. Taken in moderation, wines have health values compared to other beverages.