How to Choose a Non-Toxic Mattress

I’ve done a great deal of research (more than ten years) to determine the very best natural crib mattress for infants. Let us check out facts vs. fiction with regards to toxicity and safety of organic mattresses.

In case you’re searching for an organic crib mattress, you most likely know that non-organic mattresses can be quite toxic. This’s since regular low-cost crib mattresses have polyurethane foam and are coated with vinyl (PVC) or perhaps other deadly plastic for waterproofing. These supplies are harmful, particularly to little infants with undeveloped brains, immunity, and lungs.

Additionally, because polyurethane foam is extremely flammable, manufacturers have to include substances to help make the mattresses flame resistant. Most companies use extremely toxic substance fire retardants to successfully pass these fire laws. The chemicals applied to the mattress supplies and within the fire retardants create off-gassing that babies inhale and process through their skin. No one should risk placing their infant to snooze on these mattresses. Sure, natural crib mattresses are much more costly, though it is worth the price to protect your infant.

Remember just because a mattress is natural doesn’t imply that it’s also not toxic. This’s really important to realize. Mattress manufacturers are able to call their mattresses organic just since they utilize organic cotton as the interior filling. Many organic crib mattresses have toxic plastic coverings and flame retardant materials; the way they’re currently regarded as organic. The bulk of the affordable natural crib mattresses (including those for bassinets or even cradles) carry on and be composed of elements which emit poisonous gases and are bad for your infant.

Additionally, many mattress producers are using the “green” movement. There is presently no laws input that stops manufacturers from using terms like eco-friendly or green. Mattresses touting names like “Eco Foam” or maybe “Soybean Foam” and “Bio Foam” are cropping up everywhere and also appeal to eco-conscious moms. But did you understand that what mattress producers do is substitute a tiny percentage (12 17 %) of the poisonous polyurethane foam with plant-based ingredients? You will be tempted by them while you go shopping for the best natural crib mattress but do not be tricked by the slick boasts. None of these little changes in manufacturing are sufficient to move the mattresses from the toxic zone.

Listed here are the most important elements to think about when searching for the very best and safest natural crib mattress.

Make certain your baby’s mattress:

– Is created by a business which is GOTS Certified

Look for a mattress credentialed by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). With a GOTS accreditation, you understand the fiber and materials used in just a mattress are certified by the National Organic Program (NOP), plus any other elements (fire safety, innerspring, waterproof covering, etc) meet really stringent criteria and therefore are not toxic.

– Passes Federal and State Flammability Requirements with Non-Toxic Materials

Retailers and u.s. mattress companies can’t legally promote you a mattress which hasn’t passed flammability requirements. Unless you show a doctor’s prescribed when purchasing your crib mattress, you’re purchasing a mattress which is fire resistant. So it is essential to find out specifically what’s used to succeed resistant to fire.

Thankfully, you will find a number of non-toxic fire retardant materials out there. Wool is utilized by the majority of organic crib mattress manufacturers because it’s obviously a fire-resistant material. Nevertheless, wool is allergenic and a wool covered mattress won’t be waterproof. But in case you’re planning to opt for wool in your mattress, make sure that the company uses just fresh natural wool and doesn’t use extra treatments.

A baking soda and moisturized silica mixture is an excellent, nontoxic purely natural alternative which passes fire regulations. This particular formula was created by an environmental scientist solely for the Naturepedic organic crib mattress collection. It not merely meets but surpasses both state and federal fire resistant standards with zero toxicity or perhaps off-gassing.

– Is actually Waterproof and Dust Mite Proof

There is a great reason why crib mattress makers use a plastic covering of the surface area. Baby fluids (urine, spit-up, sweat, drool) is able to trigger a damp or wet mattress environment. Regrettably, plastic is the sole method to waterproof a mattress. Wool is water resistant since it dries fast, but wool isn’t waterproof. And the majority of the organic crib mattresses which use wool as being a fire retardant come with an organic cotton area covering, which happens to be a haven for germs, mildew & dust mites. Fortunately, plastics aren’t all created equal. There’s a huge variety of toxicity between plastics, with vinyl becoming most poisonous. Environmental scientists concur that lower density, food-grade polyethylene may be the safest, most non-toxic plastic available. Find an organic crib mattress and have a polyethylene surface area for waterproofing as well as dust mite safety.

– Is actually GREENGUARD Certified

GREENGUARD is an independent third party certification program which maintains strict off-gassing standards for products. Make certain your natural crib mattress is accredited by the GREENGUARD Kids & Schools standard.

An organic crib mattress is among the most crucial baby things you are going to choose because it’s the potential to guard your infant against serious health effects. It is very essential to completely check into all of the materials used and never be misled by savvy online marketing. Find an organic crib mattress which is both organically grown AND not toxic. If you’ve read severalĀ onPurple reviews, you’ll clearly see that onPurple is probably the only matches the descriptions above. So as of right now, it’s probably your only choice if you’re looking for a non-toxic mattress.